Why ReSpark?

Our goal for ReSpark is to promote a product that is accessible to startups, maintainable by a small team, and has the tools you need to implement complicated insurance programs.

Our Team.

Aimahd Sabky

Co-founder | Product & Operations

Aimahd is responsible for keeping the team sharp and on task. He works with clients to finalize any custom wants/needs. Don't let him tell you no.

Kristen Carey

Sales & Operations

Kristen leads outreach, demos, and manages customer communications. She's really fun to talk to so talk to her!

Jamal Sabky

Co-founder | Business Development

Jamal leads our growth team for partnerships. Whether you are a startup or a large insurer, Jamal will work with you to identify how ReSpark can improve your business.


We're hiring! 🎉

ReSpark is continuing to look for employees to add to our team. Whether you have a background in insurance or are looking to transition into the industry, we have a variety of roles which we are looking to fill. Send us a demo request so we can chat more!

Our Advisors.

Richard Chattock

Advisor | Insurtech Gateway

Bobby Steinsdoerfer


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