Last updated Mon June 20, 2022

Mon June 20, 2022
API Updates
  • Updated worker runtime to Node 14
  • Fixed issue with reinstated policies not being able to be quoted for renewals
  • Fixed issue with an expired policy not being marked renewed if it expires before a renewal quote for it is bound
Tue May 18, 2022
  • Fixed issue where isRenewal was not passing to the rating worker in the regeneration logic. Added an event flag that's passed to the rating worker to depict which event is invoking the worker.
Tue May 17, 2022
Application Updates
  • Added support for datetime, day, and currency fields in the product product fields schema.
  • Added isRenewal flag and policy object into the ratings worker. The policy object is present if a quote is created for a renewal and is the policy that it is renewed from.
  • Added support for datetime, currency, and checkbox fields into the metadata schemas. Note that all these values are stored as strings. Dates are stored as ISOStrings and checkboxes (booleans) are stored as "true" or "false".
API Updates
  • Added support to get a quote by a policyId. GET /quotes?policyId=<policyId>
  • Fixed a limit causing coverages to not appear if more than 10 of them are present in a policy.
Tue May 3, 2022
Application Updates
  • Added weekly billing as a term option.
API Updates
Version 1.2.9
  • Added the /policies/by-date for the ability to query policies windowed by day with an optional key. Reference
Tue April 19, 2022
Application Updates
  • Added the ability to change the client attached to a policy.
API Updates
Version 1.2.8
  • The used coverage ledger is now returned on the /policies/:policyId endpoint. This is a breakdown of claim line items and how they impact the different coverages on a policy. Reference
  • Fixed a bug in which policy recalculations where, in certain cases, the recalculation would fail if a policy had a claim and the recaclulation only changed the premium value.
Tue March 29, 2022
Application Updates
  • Added the ability to add a custom description when applying a recalculation of terms. This description is appended to all endorsements created by the recalculation.
  • Updated recalculations so that they can now be performed on cancelled or voided policies.
  • Updated support for async runtimes in workers. Returning a promise will now resolve accordingly.
API Updates
Version 1.2.7
  • Added the ability to spread midterm and quote creation fees over a custom term. Reference
  • Added the ability to POST a custom midterm fee. Reference
  • Updated test product rating matrix endpoint to allow additional fees to be passed up and totals. Reference
  • Fixed aggregation of return/additional premium from void invoices displaying in the UI
Thu January 27, 2022
API Updates
  • Added uploads to the /policies and /policies/:policyId endpoints to return policy uploads
  • Added evidences to the /claims and /claims/:claimId endpoints to return claim evidences
  • Fixed issuer text in the TOTP token
Mon January 3, 2022
Application Updates
  • Added in the ability to allow midterm discounts to generate negative invoices. This can be optionally passed in API requests as well using the flag refundLeftoverAmount. See documentation here
API Updates
  • Updated /claims POST to allow optional metadata in the body
  • Added /claims/:claimId endpoint to allow updating a claim
  • Updated Tasks endpoints and webhooks to include lastUpdatedBy in response body
  • Added sort option to many of our GET endpoints. Requests can be sorted by using the query parameter sort[acs]=createdAt or sort[desc]=createdAt
  • Fixed pagination issue in table views
  • Fixed an issue when authenticated policy links would bump a user back to the dashboard
Tue December 7, 2021
  • Fixed ability to clear the quote queue in the case where a process exit occurs during the quote process
Tue November 29, 2021
API Updates
  • Added Tasks GET endpoints for /tasks and /tasks/:taskId. Useful for creating internal workflow integrations. See the documentation here
  • Added webhook events for Tasks. See the documentation here
  • Fixed the ability to set effective and term end date to the next day in the term recalculator.
  • Fixed reference to oldPolicy in the invoice worker on term recalculation.
Tue November 23, 2021
Application Updates
  • Updated parameters and added the ability to create new invoices in the invoice worker on term recalculation. See the documentation here
  • Dashboard now shows graphs relative to local time
  • Added suppressions privacy feature. Suppressions allow the ability for client data to be hidden in the ReSpark user interface. Suppressed data will include a suppression flag in responses from the API. Suppressions work off of GDPR policies. Additionally a new gdpr.delete policy has been created for the ability to manage suppressions
  • Updated a missing policy check causing clients to not be returned in search results
Mon October 25, 2021
Application Updates
  • Release of two new workers for invoices that allow for the customization of how invoices are generated. See the documentation here for Invoices (on-bind) and Invoices (on term recalculation)
  • API and webhook logs now expire after 60 days
  • Updated reports to allow selection of specific timezone on export
  • Updated a few DB indexes from slow queries
Mon October 11, 2021
Application Updates
  • Updated the reports UI
  • Reports are now queued to improve performance at scale
  • Invoices are now available in the pdf worker for event type recalculation-of-terms
  • Added ability to duplicate a void invoice into a draft invoice
  • Fixed bug when applying midterm changes to policies with a manual midterm endorsement
Wed September 22, 2021
Application Updates
  • Added ability to change the issued date for draft invoices
  • Added Task button to mobile navigation
  • Fixed null value bug in the metadata autofiller
  • Fixed null value representation some UI documents
Mon September 13, 2021
Application Updates
  • Added autofill support for metadata
  • Added ability to order metadata schemas
API Updates
  • Added a POST endpoint /quotes/:quoteId/document for the ability to upload a file to a quote
  • Added a POST endpoint /policies/:policyId/document for the ability to upload a file to a quote
  • Fixed bug with invoices not updating issued date when recalculating terms with different effective dates.
  • Fixed issue when a claim is reopened set be able to set the status back to pending payment.
Wed August 18, 2021
Application Updates
  • Added the ability to create custom roles. Within user management, you can now assign and create roles based on 56 different policies.
  • Updated the Dashboard to better support custom roles.
  • Small UI changes introduced with custom roles.
API Updates
  • Updated the policy fragment to also include the policy address.
Thu August 12, 2021
  • Fixed rendering issue with currencies when previewing invoices for midterm adjustments (endorsements & fees).
  • Fixed an issue with fetching non-product specific fees when applying a midterm fee.
Mon July 26, 2021
Application Updates
  • Updated PDF Generation worker to include returnPremium, additionalPremium, and premium. The new premium value is the sum of term premium plus any additional and/or return premium
API Updates
  • Updated to 1.2.2
  • Added invoice line item type values. Note these only invoices added to invoice line items after this release
  • Updated policy fragment to return returnPremium, additionalPremium, and premium
  • Updated fee fragment descriptions
  • Updated webhook event descriptions
Tue July 20, 2021
Application Updates
  • Added filter by date options for Policies, Quotes, Claims, and Invoices
  • Added ReSpark Agents, ability for support agents to be applied to your organization
  • Removed unnessesary midterm endorsements from the introduction of the recalculation generator
API Updates
  • Added a type field to invoice line items
  • Fixed scroll restoration when navigating back and forth between pages
Tue July 13, 2021
Application Updates
  • Added effectiveDate and termEndDate into the recalulation of terms
  • Added an optional invoice preview when adding mid-term fees and recalulating terms
  • Updated the UI to better represent which organization you are working with
API Updates
  • Added a message field to the webhook data object
  • Fixed issue when clearing task dates
  • Updated the ability to edit task dates
  • Fixed issue when applying new terms of a return premium of an amount larger than the first invoice
Fri July 9, 2021
Application Updates
  • Added the recalculation of terms interface for dynamically adjusting a policy mid-term
  • Added the ability to add fees/discounts to a policy through the UI
API Updates
  • Updated our standard query fragement to return createdBy, createdAt, lastUpdatedMessage updatedAt fields in all queried documents and webhook events
  • Fixed issue with metadata being passed on a policy bind request over the API
  • Fixed representation of adjusted premium and totals based in the UI
Tue July 6, 2021
Application Updates
  • Added easier ability to copy fee _ids from the product view UI
  • Removed document reference from all pages except the product view page. References can be seen once the document is expanded
API Updates
  • Added optional fields commission, effectiveDate, termEndDate to POST /products/:productId/generate-rating
  • Fixed issues where document titles needed to have .pdf in their title download with proper mime types in some browsers
  • Fixed issues where documents sometimes do not display in the preview due current session tokens
  • Fixed aggregation issue on the home dashboard for viewing # of policies bound
Thu June 24, 2021
Application Updates
  • Added ability to rerun a quotes
API Updates
  • Improved quote generation response time with introduction of the new workers
  • Fixed issue with generated documents appearing as broken links
Tue June 22, 2021
Application Updates
  • Added the ReSpark Product Guide
  • Clients can now manage Policy Schedules
  • Added the PDF Generator worker, now all documents can have custom generation functions
  • Added the Document Mapper worker, allowing more customizable quote/policy documents
  • UI updates to the Product View page
  • Updated our subprocessor list
  • Products are defaulted to include the developer interface
  • Fixed dashboard view of policies bound at the start of an hour
Tue June 22, 2021
Application Updates
  • Revamp of claims UI
  • Introduction of new coverage UI
  • Introduction of coverage ledger
  • Added maxLimit values to coverage groups for better support of coverages
  • Updated policy view page with better help descriptions on some labels
API Updates
  • Added cancellationDate to policy document response.
  • Added webhook for claim_line_items (diary items)
  • Fixed a bug causing invoices to not be sorted correctly in the UI
Thu May 20, 2021
Application Updates
  • Added Metadata Schema Manager. Allows the ability to define required field inputs across a number of document types.
  • Updated cancellation flow to include optional return/additional premium and include an endorsement.
  • Added help popovers on the Policy view page to include descriptions on a number of fields.
  • Added coverages display onto the Claims view page.
  • Added returnPremium, additionalPremium, and cancellationDate into the UI on the Policy view page.
API Updates
  • Added cancellationDate to policy document response.
  • Fixed a missing query cache invalidation which can stop the UI from updating when an invoice status is changed.
  • Fixed bug when that sometimes occurs when a user navigates to the Claims list page. Keeping an eye on this one. Hard to reproduce.
Thu May 13, 2021
Application Updates
  • Started the changelog.
  • Added support for editing metadata across the site.
  • Updated UI for policy, quote, and invoice view pages.
  • Added custom mid-term endorsements
  • Added pre and post validation schemas for ratings snippets.
  • Added the ability for coverages to be customized in a midterm endorsement.
  • Added the ability to add a custom midterm endorsement.
API Updates

Upgraded to 1.1.0

  • Added /metadata/:collection/:documentId endpoint. View.
  • Added invoice.overdue webhook. View.
  • Deprecated metadata in quote generation requests in favor of ratingsData.
  • Added support for quote generation of master policy type products over the API.

Quote metadata will be represented as ratingsData in both a quote and a policy. The decision to move away from the metadata namespace was made because of the introduction of metadata across the rest of our collections.

  • Deprecated POST /quotes/bind endpoint in favor of /quotes/:quoteId/bind.

  • Deprecated GET /quotes/documents/:quoteId endpoint in favor of /quotes/:quoteId/documents.

  • Deprecated POST /policies/cancel endpoint in favor of /policies/:policyId/cancel.

  • Deprecated GET /policies/documents/:policyId endpoint in favor of /policies/:policyId/documents.

  • Deprecated POST /invoices endpoint in favor of /invoices/:invoiceId.

  • Deprecated POST /claims/evidences/:claimId endpoint in favor of /claims/:claimId/evidence.

  • Deprecated POST /products/:productId/test-rating endpoint in favor of /products/:productId/generate-rating.

  • Deprecated POST /products/documents/:productId endpoint in favor of /products/:productId/documents.

  • Upgraded response types in the documentation UI.

  • Added in metadata field into GET responses.

  • Added version selector for API docs.

  • Removed the ability to update options on a quote once it is bound to a policy.
  • Fixed a UI bug when uploading a file of 0 bytes as claims evidence.
  • Fixed last updated user ID not being applied on all events with requests made over the API.
  • Fixed the ability for Organization Admins and Developers to add midterm endorsements.
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