ReSpark Pricing.

Simple, straightforward SaaS fees that are the best in the industry.

$10,000/month flat fee + Customized onboarding fee
  • Access to all of the features ReSpark offers with dedicated compute and storage.
  • Work with our team to integrate any existing data and tech stacks.
  • Onboardings vary depending on the scale of your current business and implementation needs. We provide onboarding estimates as soon as we are able to understand what your requirements will be.

Additional Add-ons.

Sub-organizations 🏘️

Add the ability to have siloed instances (e.g. for brokers or MGAs) with reporting across the parent organization. Pricing varies by number of organizations you need.


What the catch?

There isn't one, we promise. ReSpark was built by an internally funded incubator. Without the overhang of venture capital, our business model can focus on our customers rather than outside investors.

Surely you'll start charging back-end fees or commissions?

Nope! We believe our product is priced right for the industry. We want to be your partner in insurance, so if you succeed we'll cheer you on instead of penalize you.

Are you just for startups?

We know the startup landscape well, so our pricing plans accommodate the more precarious financial waters that come before scale. That said, our product can work for any insurance product at any stage. Because ReSpark doesn't take commissions, it makes sense for established insurers to consider switching to our platform too.

I'm not sure you could help my company?

Reach out and let's talk about it. We're a team of creatives that likes a challenge. We're also transparent. If we don't think ReSpark is the best fit for your needs, we'll tell you.

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