Platform Features.

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1. Dashboard
A 30,000 ft view of your insurance program that is specific to user roles.
2. Quote Creation
Simple quote creation interface capable of generation multiple quotes from different carriers in one place.
3. Quote Management
View statuses, create tasks, and bind policies.
4. Policy Management
Full policy administration, including renewals, cancellations, and any relevant policy information.
5. Client Management
Utilize this feature as a CRM or integrate it via API with your own existing tools to manage customer information.
6. Reports
Generate customizable reports from your insurance program.
7. Claims
Bring the claims process completely in house by giving everyone in the claims cycle easy login access to one system.
8. Invoices
Manage invoicing directly in ReSpark and API into your current accounting systems.
9. Locations
ReSpark is country and jurisdiction agnostic and can support a program anywhere in the world with automated tax and fee calculations.
10. Development Suite
Integrate ReSpark with your existing systems using our restful API.
11. Sub-organizations
Manage multiple organizations under one umbrella.

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